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Privacy Policy

ETEXinsurance Services, Inc.
203 N. Kaufman St.
Post Office Box 1637
Mt. Vernon, TX 75457
(903) 537-4595

Customer Privacy Policy Notice

As required by federal and state laws, rules, and regulations, we are providing you with our privacy policy. Should our Customer Privacy Policy change at any time regarding the sharing of your information, you will receive our new Customer Privacy Policy in advance and be given the opportunity to opt out of any new disclosure.

What Information is Collected?

In compliance with various laws and to provide you with insurance services, we are required to collect personal non-public information and protected health information.

Use of This Information

The information is used to allow us to provide insurance services to you. We do not sell your information to any outside party. Your information is not shared in joint marketing arrangements with others by us. Historically, your personal information has been kept strictly confidential by us.

Access to Information

Your personal information is shared on a limited, need-to-know basis to allow us to provide you with insurance services. Personal information may be shared with affiliates (such as your agent) and with third parties, solely to allow us to be efficient and to provide you with insurance services. Third parties are limited to administrative functions only and are prohibited from sharing or use your personal, non-public information. Information may also be shared with your insurance company in which you have a policy.

Opt-Out Notice

If we arrange a joint marketing arrangement in the future, we will notify you in writing and allow you to opt out of the sharing of your personal, non-public financial information. If you decide to opt out, your request must be made in writing, addressed and mailed to:

ETEXinsurance Services, Inc.
203 N. Kaufman Street
Post Office Box 1637
Mt. Vernon, TX 75457

If you have questions about our Customer Privacy Policy, you may contact your adviser representative or our main office by calling Rusty Rutledge at (903) 537-4595 and explain that you have an inquiry regarding our Privacy & Security Policy Notice.